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Ascend is the like “Udemy” project for US market but oriented to medical direction mostly, related to conducting various webinars from masterminds and users covered huge auditory and reach functionality.


  • Creating separate groups.
  • Logging all actions in the admin panel.
  • Full app control via admin panel: users, time loges related to video chats, database, logs per each action. and per the related group.
  • Several types of admin panels.
  • 2 types of users with different access and functions.
  • 3 types of video sessions.
  • Different types of subscriptions.
  • Payments via the credit/debit card (Stripe).
  • Logging all actions in the admin panel.
  • Turning on and off events for push notifications.
  • Video chat with 1000+ users.
  • Dominant speaker option.
  • Option to remotely mute / unmute the microphone.
  • Meetings via the video chat.
  • Push notifications.
  • Creation of advanced lists.
  • The group database with the related information in .pdf, .png, .jpg, etc.
  • Controlled notification to the users with the request to download a new update related to a new version release.