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TaxiKey is a huge system of sharing orders between taxi parks. The apps-part built on ‘like Uber’ principle of apps.

  • 2 types of users: driver and passenger.
  • Verification of a mobile number via Twilio.
  • Creating separate taxi fleets and the related staff.
  • Tracking the user location.
  • Working with the Google maps and plotting routes on maps (from driver to passenger to the endpoint of the route).
  • A complicated system of push-notifications.
  • Dividing locations onto zones.
  • Switching drivers between zones.
  • The booking option from admin.
  • Uninterrupted update of the orders and their data between the apps and server via the sockets system.
  • The option of creating orders from both – admin and customer.
  • Optimized system of orders providing from administrator to driver.
  • Payment integration: by cash and via credit/debit cards.
  • Rating system.
  • Earning report system.
  • Trips history info.
  • Chat functionality.
  • Branchy structure of admin panels (Main admin panel, taxi fleets, etc.)