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This is the app to help you tackle those pesky house chores!
It will help you step-by-step to make and keep your home as neat and tidy as in those glossy magazines.
Flexible settings will allow you to personalize your cleaning routine to suit your needs and lifestyle.
You can split the home cleaning tasks into zones, set up the schedule of for each zone that fits your lifestyle and assign small daily tasks for the upkeep. Zone schedule is very flexible to set up and the zones can be rotated daily, weekly or at a specific date of your choosing.


  • Planning daily routine tasks.
  • Cleaning area planning.
  • Calendar with the ability to schedule an event.
  • Notifications of upcoming events.
  • The ability to set a timer when performing routine tasks and cleaning.
  • Notifications of upcoming events.
  • Cross out completed tasks, observe progress, be proud of the result.
  • Completed tasks are updated automatically in accordance with the selected settings. You can reset tasks manually at any time.
  • Distribute home cleaning by zone, choose a zone schedule that is convenient for you, and pay attention to a small front of work daily.
  • The main principle is small steps and regularity! Use the built-in timer – devote a predetermined time to daily cleaning.
  • Change the color scheme and design according to your mood, add your own images for the current cleaning zone.
  • Make all kinds of lists for all occasions, and for quick entries, use the Notes section.