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With the free MagZine app you can read more than 400 Dutch magazines. Nowhere else can you find more magazines than in the MagZine app.

You can easily purchase magazines within the app with your Google account. Magazines are up to 40% cheaper than in the store. A number is even free.

MagZine, The Digital Kiosk is the largest independent digital magazine kiosk in the Netherlands.

  • Working in the application without registration. Purchases
  • Kiosk – a list of magazines sorted by category.
  • Library – set of bought/received magazines divided by a specific folders by the user manually.
  • Collection – set of magazines from database, related to a specific category
  • Package – amount of magazines, combined into one set, and selling together for a more benefit price.
  • My Magazines – list of magazines bought/received by the user
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