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The group and individual video chats for video consultations and recovery groups, between the providers and patients, developed according to all the requirements HIPAA compliance standards ‘19 (USA).

  • Six types of users with different access and functions.
  • Creating separate clinics and the related staff (by franchising model).
  • Logging all actions in the admin panel.
  • Full app control via admin panel: users, time loges related to video chats, database, logs per each action and per the related clinic.
  • Several types of admin panels.
  • Differentiation users by a unique code for each clinic.
  • Scheduling of group and individual video chats.
  • A custom calendar with the option to set a date range (for sorting as well).
  • Moderator option for providers.
  • Invitation to the chat via the deep-linking option.
  • Individual contacts system.
  • Group and individual video group chats (via Twillio).
  • The dominant speaker option.
  • Remote microphone mute / unmute option.
  • Automatic video chat breaks by the pre-scheduled time.
  • A separate client database for each clinic and search by parameters.
  • A great number of push notifications about various events related to video sessions (create, delete, join, etc.)
  • Tracking logs of users activity at the group chats.
  • Creating notes while chatting per each participant.
  • Offline work ( viewing notes about patients).
  • Individually loading the archive with notes.
  • Encrypting all requests.
  • Increased level of security.
  • The project built in accordance with HIPPA Compliance Form ‘19 (USA).
  • Various types of subscriptions.
  • Payments via a bank account.
  • Payments via credit/debit cards (Stripe).
  • Controlled notification to the users with the request to download a new update related to a new version release