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Relentless Kinetics Anywhere – is the fitness app which is specifically targeted to unite the Endurance Racing Triathlete and Personal Trainers or Training Partners for training and communicative purpose. The main aim of this fitness app is to allow triathlete to find training partners within their vicinity and for the training partner to come directly to them. The fitness app matches athletes with training partners & personal trainers with like interests, e.g., runners matched with runners, etc., who are within their vicinity and available.

RKA-Lite app helps athlete to quickly obtain personal training, inspiration, support or help through training trainers that come directly to them who are within their vicinity. Via RKA-Lite app, Personal Trainers or Training Partners can promote themselves and get clients for
their service.

  • RKA – Fitness app is a new system with a unique concept which helps athlete in remote locations outside the gym to find the personal trainers or training partners within their vicinity to come directly to them.
  • Athletes – type of users, who are able to hire userstrainers, but to use the hire and messaging options should upgrade their app membership. These users as well can choose some or all additional athletes category at their profiles to become visible for other athletes users at corresponding tab of the Nearby screen.
  • Trainers – type of users, who can be hired by other users-athletes on fixed or hourly basis, can’t hire other users, have no obligations to expand their membership for using additional options and visible for other athletes users at corresponding tabs of the Nearby screen.
  • Training – the services provided via the RKA app, targeted to provide mutually beneficial cooperation via the app on a payable basis between two parties: athletes and trainers/partners.
  • Offer – is a conditional hiring proposal made by one user to another, where the payment is withdrawing from the requested user account to RKA escrow upon the hiring request.
  • Hourly Rate – is the amount of money formed by the number of hours multiplied by the rate per hour ($).
  • Group rate – is the price per each training, charged by trainer, ($).
  • RKA Escrow – is a financial instrument of the RKAsystem, which is held payment amount on behalf of two other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction, until the deal fully completeness.